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Women Empowerment: Social, Cultural, Economical and Political

women empowerment

Women Rights is the central and core issue for all round development of the family and society at large. Leadership development with a feminist approach amongst women collectives enables the women to address issues of discrimination, violence and exclusion. The organisation advocates for ZERO tolerance to violence against women and right to choice.

Collectives of women Farmers and single women have been facilitated in the region and support is extended to create awareness among them of their equal rights to life and livelihood. Women farmer collectives in 15 villages are advocating for their “Farmer” Rights to agriculture land ownership and access to the natural resources in their areas. Support in the form of information dissemination is extended to the PVTG (Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups) women group struggling for land rights under the Forest Right Act, 2006. The unequal burden of unpaid and care work borne by women restricts the socially and economically poor women from enjoying the basic rights to health, education, skill development, political and public participation and social security. (Arpan was a partner in the action research on women’s unpaid labour with Action Aid and UN Women.)



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