Association for Rural Planning and Action

Major Milestones


  • Two villages, Bagrihat and Tetari (on the border of Nepal) were effected by Illegal quarrying of sand, resulting in loss of agriculture land of dalits. Mahila Mangal Dal was supported to stop the quarrying.
  • Rape of two village women, murder of one. ARPAN reopened the 2 years old case with community support, sensitised the community on the issue of violence against women and strengthened the woman survivor (from Hinkot village)
  • 600 sq km of land reserved under Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary. ARPAN organised community around the issue to fight for their rights to life and livelihood.


After voluntary efforts a rapport and trust was established with the rural marganilised community and a small support was extended for initiating child centres in remote villagers. This was a strategically planned intervention and also an entry point activity to organise women in the villagers.

  • Opening of 10 balwadis/children centers in remote villages (some of Van Raut tribe). Objective to attend to children in three to six years age group and organise women into right based groups
  • Women and tribal rights (Primitive Van Raut/Raji tribe and Bhotiya/Rang of Dharchula and Shoka tribe of Munsiyari)


  • Broad-based community mobilisation interventions
  • Strategic intervention into formal and non-formal institutional support mechanisms
  • Child rights issues (Child Help Line 1098)
  • Policy advocacy on people-centered issues
  • A focused campaign on mobilising and empowering different sections of the society on the issue of violence against women, in particular domestic violence

Themes We Work On